Friday, September 19, 2014

Bartertown Blues

Posted by gbprime on 13. March 2010 22:37

This isn't one of those "I have a blog, hear me rant" kind of posts.  It's one of those "don't let this happen to you" kind of posts instead.

Let me first say, I absolutely LOVE  You can take unwanted gaming material, leftover bitz, and even completely unrelated stuff and exchange it for used stuff you DO want, all without messing around with ebay or paypal.  And they track all the positive AND negative ratings of each person who trades, so someone doesn't get away with pulling a scam more than once.

But you still have to be cautious.  I pulled a large deal the other week, roughly $500 in trade value going each way.  Now they tell you to watch large trades with users that don't have an established trade history.  Trade small for a while til you build up a good rep, then you're ready for larger trades.  But this fellow wanted old collectible toys in exchange for some premium 40k stuff, so I took a chance.

I didn't get screwed, but I didn't get exactly what I bargained for either.  I was supposed to get a large bitz box and 30-50 sprues of stuff (much of it partially used), and the fellow took pictures of most of it.  But then a lot of what he described and took pics of simply wasnt' in the box I received.  I'd received descriptions and pics of things like a complete techmarine, aquila lander terrain, "tons" of tyrranid sprues, etc, etc.  None of that was in there.  And a fair number of the sprues contained things like "one single space marine head", or "single left arm and a grenade".  Plus "tons of tyrranid sprues" apparently meant "three", and mostly stripped.

Now I got enough decent stuff in there that I don't think I got screwed, as I said.  I'm also not ticked off enough to out the fellow by name.  (That's just bad mojo anyway, and I would never go there.)  But instead of a great trade for a box of toys I hadn't opened in 10 years, I got a poor trade instead.

So the moral is... is good, just make sure not to trade big unless the guy you're trading with has a great track record.

On a related note... coming soon, home made Sternguard veterans!  Stay tuned...

FYI -- Blood Angels on Advanced Order

Posted by Ranillon on 8. March 2010 17:31

Games Workshop just posted the new Blood Angels material to advanced order.  In includes a lot of new stuff not least of which is:


Have to admit it looks great.  Beyond that I won't comment as it will just include my latest lament about the slow death of the Dark Angels.

Making a Case...

Posted by Ranillon on 6. March 2010 01:45

...for finding a use for my new case.

I received an interesting and cool gift for my last birthday -- a display case perfect for figures of Inquisitor size or smaller. 

I plan on using it for this Origins (and the one we used last time, which was unfortunately inferior), but the question now is exactly for what. One idea is a painting contest for GW miniatures -- the Origins Painting contest is, shall we say, lacking -- or showing off some of the individual models we will be using for any one of our various games (which we aren't using them, obviously), but maybe there are other options out there.  Anyone have a good idea?

It's Been a Good Week's Work

Posted by Ranillon on 1. March 2010 23:55

I haven't posted much this last week, but that's because I and the rest of the 40KOrigins crew have been hard at work finalizing our plans for this year's Origins Game Fair.  I don't want to give out the details before GAMA (the guys who run Origins) give their approval, but I can list the basics:

25 Total Events
11 Different Events
3 Prestige Tables with Extensive Terrain
3 Different Tournaments -- all with prizes
300 Event Hours worth of material!

We will have events for everyone from beginner to veteran, from those who want to bring their favorite armies to those who want to bring nothing (and still play).  In fact, most of our events will have all materials provided.  We will also provide a learning event for those who want to build and paint their 40K armies better.

In short, we are providing more than twice the amount of last year and with more variety.  So, if you like Warhammer 40K you should be attending Origins 2010!