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40K LARP Highlights

Posted by Ranillon on 1. May 2010 00:45

Here is an extra bit of material for the 40K Larp, namely video from last year.  Enjoy.

Live Warhammer 40K at Origins

Posted by Ranillon on 29. April 2010 22:18

Last year we here at 40KOrigins helped advertise the Warhammer 40K LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing) event at Origins and we are doing so again.  Kettle of Fish Productions is doing another live role-playing event call Vox Recidivus.  Here is the description they sent along:


Kettle of Fish Productions, the heretics behind 2009's Nox Terminus, present a new live-action roleplay experience set in the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium. Join us at Origins Game Fair this June for Vox Recidivus!

Just beyond the border of the Imperium is a world dark and terrible, primal and ancient. It is a world that abhors the presence of Mankind, forever untamed and unconquered. It is a world where the eternal die and the lost return. Tonight, a Rogue Trader shall claim it, a Heretic shall remake it, and an Inquisitor shall purge it to the core!

Cast of Characters

Radical Inquisitorial Coterie

Lord-Inquisitor Bellatrix Nightfall - Her mission takes her beyond the edge of the Imperium
Old Stewart - Savant, scribe, confidant, and Psyker thrall
Mort - Young man-at-arms and product of the Schola Progenium
Brother Kant - Mendicant monk, spiritual advisor, and curate

Radical Inquisitorial Coterie

Inquisitor Gorderic Zail - Ruthless Inquisitor, former apprentice of the late Mortiphonsus Plaxx
Sister Thalestris - Sister of Battle and enforcer of Zail's will
Blank Peter - Wind-wiped savant, lore master, and assistant to Inquisitor Zail
Interrogator Percunctor Mox - Silent master of pain, more machine then man

Lost Imperial Guard Detachment

Commissar Galt - Sole voice of Imperial authority
Father Thaddeus - Regimental Chaplain
"Sparks" Gibsen - Jittery combat Psyker
Bester Cordwain - Gunnery Officer
"Crooked" Max Keel - Penal Legionnaire
Bertram Tannen - Grizzled veteran
Jim Altair - Imperial Guard cadet
Jove Mordred - Departmento Munitorum Attache

Crew of The Jeweled Chalice

Lord-captain Malifax Randal - Rogue Trader of some renown
Feral Gore, The Render - Primitive tribesman and Randal's personal guard
Margaret "Blue Eyes" Trismegistus - Hedonistic young Navigator, the shame of her Household
Explorator Obed Grendizer - Xenoarcanist and seeker of lost knowledge
Baz Zkullkrakka - Ork slave

Inhabitants of Ze'ev 761

High Oligarch Gral - Aged local warlord
Eleazeno - Bloodsword shield maiden and enforcer of Gral's will
Pablovis - High Priest
Fair Xant - Daughter to Pablovis
Speaker Talos - Tribal shaman
Menex - Enterprising young hunter
Sophron - Young warrior recently returned from his rites of passage
Procles - Tribal elder and lore keeper
Man Tom The Young - Bewildered prophet

Please direct all questions and character requests to Kettle of Fish Productions at


Feline Update

Posted by Ranillon on 23. April 2010 23:42

Since I had a post about them when they were eight-week kittens I thought I would post an update picture of my two cats (that and it's a Friday night and I'm feeling lazy).  They are now officially six-months old, but almost full sized.  (Healthy) Siamese top off at 7-9 pounds.

Both have turned out to be sweet cats that are quite affectionate and playful -- and quite intelligent.  That's good because it makes them more interesting and compelling.  For instance, it took me literally three minuts to teach Leo to play fetch (Now he brings me toys when he wants to play).  However, it also it means they get bored easily.  As a result "entertaining" them can sometimes be a chore, but the company is worth it.

Martin (Left) and Leo Scheming

Trivia Answer of the Day:  All Siamese are born a pure creamy white, but gain their points (the dark parts) due to a fur color gene that only activates at temperatures under their normal body temp.  That is why the points show up at their extremities -- nose, ears, feet -- since they are the coldest parts of their body.  This gene remains active throughout their life.  Thus, if we were to move to a cold climate they'd naturally grow darker while a hotter climate would make their points lighter. 

This can also happen if I were to let them get big and fat -- since body fat under their skin is colder it would cause their entire coats to turn dark brown.  I actually saw a Siamese like that once.  I thought it was a mundane -- and hugely obese -- sort of cat mix and was flabbergasted to learn that such a completely dark brown feline was actually a pure blood Siamese! 

Needless to say, I plan on keeping them to a reasonable diet once they become full adults (at about one year old).

We now return you to your regular gaming show already in progress...

Get Your Free Dice (at Origins)!

Posted by Ranillon on 21. April 2010 00:01

I talked about this earlier -- a free gift for anyone who plays one of our games this year.  Well, here is the trial version I got back from the manufacturer the other day -- the official six-sided dice:

Click for Larger Version

This is just the prototype so changes might be made, but I generally like it.  The red is meant to match the same general color of our signs and banners we use at the fair itself.

The plan is that you get one free for playing one of our games -- and that is one per game.  So, if you play a lot then you get a lot.  We may also provide them in sets for larger prizes.

If anyone has any opinion about it feel free to give them in the comments section of this post.

New Warhammer Fantasy Battles in July

Posted by Ranillon on 18. April 2010 15:02

Games Workshop just made official what the rumors have been saying for a while -- a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles comes out this July.

Here is the copy that came with the email announcement (for those who didn't get it):

The Warhammer world is a place riven by relentless warfare and the corrupting power of dark magic. It’s a place where vile creatures and titanic monsters roam the lands, where vast armies of evil warriors unleash slaughter upon their victims and only the unceasing valour of the forces of Order prevent the whole world slipping away into chaos and death.

Amidst this tapestry of conflict and carnage are races fair and foul, warriors chivalrous and brutal. These are the combatants who fight for dominance of the world. From the blasted north come warmongering tribes of Chaos Warriors, armour-clad barbarians who have thrown their lot in with the Dark Gods of Chaos. In the Badlands gather the greenskinned marauders known as the Orcs and Goblins, vicious, brutal creatures whose insatiable lust for war grows almost as quickly as their vast numbers. Beneath the cities of the civilised realms nestle the repulsive ratmen, subhuman creatures whose machinations spread disease and distrust – these are the Skaven and they wish only to destroy and dominate all others. Even the forests of the Old World are not safe, for the trees themselves are things of malign presence and the Beastmen dwell within, the children of Chaos – braying beasts who crave slaughter and the chance to enact their savagery on the civilised races.

The Warhammer world is a place where you must bury your dead deeply, for Necromancers and Vampires raise the legions of undeath in their war against the living. Far away in the south the legendary kings of a long-dead kingdom now awaken, leaving their vast tomb cities to wage war upon all under the sun, their skeletal legions a chilling parody of their once glittering majesty.

All these examples of horror are enough to cause weaker hearts to quail, but there are those who resist the darkness, kingdoms and realms that fight for survival. The Empire, greatest of all the nations of Men musters regiments of brave soldiers. Armed with faith in Sigmar, their warrior god, and with tempered steel and black powder weapons they defend their lands. South and east of the Empire lies Bretonnia, a land of chivalry and noble tradition. There, bold knights harken the call of their mighty king and ride out to crusade against the monsters of the Old World. Dwarfs, in their mountain strongholds, are as unyielding as the stone around them as they battle above and below the ground. Loyal allies, but terrible enemies, the Dwarfs are brave-hearted and steadfast as they protect their once-great realm.

In far-off lands the Elves fight out their bitter blood feud against one another – a mighty civilisation that spanned the continents but is now riven with strife and betrayal. Perhaps the greatest warriors in all the world, their numbers are now few and too many of those that remain are lost each day in the unending war between Ulthuan and Naggaroth.

This is a world where victory and death rest upon a knife-edge and the fate of the world, be it damnation or salvation, will soon be decided.

Warhammer, the Game of Fantasy Battles will be released in July. The preparation for this date has been a time of great excitement here in the Studio as we have lavished detail, care and attention onto the rulebook and the fantastic Citadel miniatures range that it accompanies.

Now is the time to gather your regiments, paint your armies and prepare for a battle like never before. If you have a Warhammer army, dust it off and finish up those last few models. If you’ve always been tempted to collect a force there really has never been a better time to start! Warhammer is coming and it’s going to be great.