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Number 100 and Counting

Posted by Ranillon on 3. May 2009 22:00

This is our one hundredth posting and accordingly I want to take some time out to speak about the future of this blog and the future of Games Workshop games at Origins.

The most immediate future is that Origins is just around the corner – June 24th through the 28th.  We are holding events on the 25th, 26th, and 27th.  To help get the work out I have produced a new flyer which you can download here or by clicking on the thumbnail at left.  It contains all the basic information needed to come and play.

I have a favor to ask of everyone – take a copy of this flyer and post it at your local gaming store.  Heck, hand it out to your friends, post it anyplace you can think of that it might attract the attention of gamers.  We want as many people as we can to pass the word around to make sure that this year’s Origins is a complete success for Warhammer 40K.

More than that, however, I want this Origins to succeed for the sake of future conventions.  I would like to see the activities that 40kOrigins.com run increase in number and size as the years go on.  I also want to spread out and encompass all Games Workshop games, most notably Warhammer Fantasy (if nothing else I’d have an excuse to paint more fantasy miniatures!).

So, expect bigger and better things from us as time goes on, including full coverage of this year’s Origins – pictures, recordings, and hopefully even videos.  My hope is that eventually we can turn Origins into one of the big GW events of the year.  After all, Origins is the second largest gaming convention in the world.  It ought to be home to one of the biggest GW gaming events as well!


Warhammer 40k LARP at Origins

Posted by Ranillon on 15. April 2009 21:13

I just received an email from a group of people who are running a Warhammer 40K Live Action Role-Playing game at Origins.  Here is the description of the event:


Our LARP is entitled Nox Termimus, and takes place on the hive world of Megiddo.  We'll be using pre-made characters, but as a result we've tried to include as broad a selection of character as possible.  The rules set is home brewed, based primarily on Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition and heavily informed by Dark Heresy.  The player's introduction and cast list follows:

For over fifty years the hive world of Megiddo has been embroiled in bloody civil war.  On this planet overrun by mutants and heretics, only the great hive city of Arx Primoris stands as a beacon of order, orthodoxy, and Imperial authority.  The citizens of this decaying world now prepare for a last desperate stand against the enemies of Mankind.  But within this time of despair there is a glimmer of hope in the form of a Lord Inquisitor.  The citizens of Arx Primoris pause in anticipation and fear, knowing that the mercy of The Inquisition is as harsh as it’s justice.

Inquisitorial Coterie
Lord Inquisitor Mortiphonsus Plaxx - Aged and respected Inquisitor Apprentice Inquisitor Gorderic Zail - Young but ruthless apprentice of Lord Plaxx Bella Nightfall - Mistress of Blades, Callidus Assassin, vengeful hand of the Lord Inquisitor Young Stewart - Scribe, Savant, and Psyker thrall

The Rulers of Megiddo
Lord Governor Trask vonKilmer - Planetary governor and voice of The Emperor Prince Daveen vonKilmer - Rake, Princeling, and scion of House vonKilmer Lady Marium Dionisia vonKilmer - Eccentric daughter of Lord vonKilmer and jewel of the court Heinrich the Confessor - Respected theologian and semi-retired priest of The Ecclesiarchy Caspirov Maccabius - Director of the Admunustratum Bureau of Mutant Affairs Guildmaster Erasmus Byle - Wealthy merchant and robber baron Lady Lucretia Byle - Noble-born wife of Erasmus and a familiar sight at court

Imperial Navy Contingent
Admiral Doramus vanRichen - Former noble citizen of Megiddo, master of Battlefleet Walpurgus Navigator Gadevillius Brom - Navis Nobilite and advisor to The Admiral Engineseer Descart Gundamus - Tender to the machine-spirit of the Dominance Lieutenant Maximillian Gorst - Last of an old naval family

Citizens of Megiddo
Esthme Genevieve vanHogarth - Last of a fallen noble house Archibald Orvile Hrusk - Patriarch of the Hrusk line Arthus Hrusk - Hab worker Abigail Hrusk - Granddaughter of Archibald Hrusk Half-Mad Thomas The Olde - Madman of the sump, and reluctant prophet of the ash wastes Tien Voor - Last surviving Astropath of Megiddo

Registered Mutants
Quasimodo Kyphosis - Brute and bully of the mutant underclass Hephaestus Vix - Wretched mutant slave Travis the Bent - Humble toiler of the middle hive Sigismund Seeungeheuer - Young mutant and agitator

Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Contingent Logis Mechanicus Eximius XXVIII - Senior Priest of Mars Preceptor Pascal Mazinger - Lexmechanic, monk, and retainer to Logis Eximius Servitor Ogram MXII - Augmented servitor and defender of Logis Eximius

Crew of The Jeweled Chalice
Captain Malifax Randal - Rogue Trader
Feral Goor, The Render - Primitive brute and right hand to Captain Malifax Felinn Baal - Off-world entrepreneur


Sounds pretty interesting to me.  The event is currently scheduled for 9pm on Friday, so after you've finished playing our Apocalypse game earlier in the day consider heading off for some live-action 40K.  The more 40K themed events the better I say!

IG Promo Shots

Posted by Ranillon on 8. March 2009 15:21

Games Workshop sent out their latest email newsletter (you should really sign up for it if you aren't already) and it includes some great promo pictures for the upcoming Imperial Guard redo.  I thought I'd post them for anyone who hasn't seen them yet.



It all makes me excited about the new codex.  I have a half-painted Cadian army that I should sit down and finish one of these days.  Maybe I'll get to it after this years Origins.

Retro Eldar

Posted by Ranillon on 10. February 2009 20:55

While I work on my latest projects here are some Eldar models I finished not too long ago - A unit and its transport.


What's cool about these models is that they are old school Eldar, models that haven't been made in a while.  This is especially true of that odd vehicle down bottom -- yes, that is a wave serpent, the one in which the Eldar went to battle in before opting for a new model.  It was made by Armorcast way-back-when.  I (re)painted both sets about six months ago just because -- because they are still pretty darn cool and (nowadays) unique.  It's worth bringing to games just for the "what the heck is that" effect.

Shadowsword\Stormlord Information

Posted by Ranillon on 16. January 2009 20:59

Just got the latest White Dwarf and guess what I found in the back -- an advertisement for the upcoming Imperial Guard Super-heavy tank kit!

The kit can be used to create four different tanks, including one called the Banehammer.  I especially like the Stormlord.  A super-heavy transport with a vulcan-mega bolter just appeals to me.

With it was also an advertisement for the new stompa as well.  Both kits will be $95.  Assuming the economy doesn't get me I'd like to get copies of both!