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This is the Big Week -- And Don't Forget Wednesday!

Posted by Ranillon on 20. June 2011 19:24

As I hope everyone knows Origins starts this week, but what you might not know is that unlike in the past there is a lot of stuff going on starting Wednesday night -- including our introductory events for both Warhammer and Warhammer 40K.  If you've only played one and want to find out what the other is like, here is your chance.  But, don't worry if you can't make it Wednesday night as we'll be offering intros for both games throughout Origins.

We will of course be offering complete coverage of all our events here at 40KOrigins.com for those that can't attend, including battle reports, photos, and video!  So, they'll be a lot for you to enjoy here even if you can't make it to the convention itself.  It all starts just the day after tomorrow.  Yikes!

Who to Look for (Or What the Stylish Game Runners are Wearing at Origins this Year)

Posted by Ranillon on 17. June 2011 15:52

We here at 40KOrigins labs have just produced (that is, bought) a new set of uniforms for our use at Origins -- classic red t-shirts with the 40KOrigins.com logo on the left side.  Take a look:


So if you're looking for one of our events or information about one still to come just seek out those of us wearing these t-shirts.  We'll be happy to answer and all questions you may have.

New Advanced Orders for Dark Eldar and Tomb Kings

Posted by Ranillon on 26. May 2011 17:46

There is some great stuff coming up for both Dark Eldar and Tomb Kings.  Take a look:


There is more than just these models available, so I suggest you take the chance to visit Advanced Orders for both Warhammer 40K and Warhammer.

Citadel Finecast is Coming

Posted by Ranillon on 23. May 2011 16:12

Games Workshop has posted some details as to their new range of "finecast" plastic models that are supposed to be the best quality yet.  The examples they give are certainly impressive, but I have two basic questions -- One, will that quality extend to all the models in the range, not just the (no doubt best examples available) the models they've shown us so far, and; two, just how much more will be have to pay for these new delights?

You expect GW prices to always go up over time, I just hope this is more than just an excuse to raise prices at an even higher rate.  But, until then, I can certainly agree that the quality of these models is excellent!

Using the New Grey Knights as Deathwing, Part One

Posted by Ranillon on 1. May 2011 22:48

The new Grey Knight codex has been out for a while now and is, in my humble opinion, pretty damn cool no matter how you look at it.  Certainly, for someone like me who already owns most of a terminator chapter the notion of getting even more termies with even more options and even more things that go boom is irresistible. 

Of course, the problem there is that I've been using my terminators primarily as a Deathwing force.  Before that wasn't a problem as I could include Grey Knights with any allied Imperial force (like, say, Dark Angels) thanks to the handy-dandy rules included in the old Daemonhunters codex.  Only, the new replacement has absolutely zero such rules in it.  Thus, it is now technically impossible (except in cases like Apocalypse when you can mix and match pretty much however you like) for your Deathwing to pair up with your Grey Knights to put the smack down on the nearest convenient anti-Imperial target.

So, rather than be consigned to paint up two different forces of terminators just to fit the two types of (mostly) all terminator forces the obvious solution is to see if you can't just use one paint scheme and flip between the two rules sets as necessary.

Not too long ago I would have said just stick to the Grey Knight rules and just "count as" Deathwing without a second thought, but thanks to the latest Dark Angels update the Deathwing finally, FINALLY!!!..

Cue the Uplifting and Triumphant Music

...gets access to all the nice upgraded goodies we've seen in available for Space Marines for a while (like 2 shot Cyclone Missile Launchers or Storm Shields with continuous 3+ saves).  Thus, using the "old" Dark Angels rules is now actually a viable choice (at least in terms of effectiveness -- you might have used the old rules anyway for the sake of nostaglia regardless).

Nevertheless, there are still numerous advantages to using the new Grey Knight rules as "count as" in place of the straightforward Deathwing rules, most notably because you get a wider range of still appropriate models, more powerful units, and lots of nifty abilities.

Speaking of Which...

There are a number of Grey Knight units that directly mimic what the Deathwing can take:  Terminators as troops and improved Terminators as Elites; dreadnoughts, venerable and normal; all three types of Land Raiders, and; a selection of HQ (generic and to a lesser extent characters) choices.  These can be used pretty much on a one-to-one basis although the Grey Knights tend to be more expensive, but likewise more capable.

Then there are a few other choices that are near duplicates of current Deathwing units, but which I think will fit in quite well:  Dreadknights and Stormraven Gunships.

Dreadknights are no brainers -- basically terminators on steroids (that is, terminators with better strength and toughness) with a nice selection of nasty ranged and close-combat weapons.  They can teleport down into battle (and even teleport once again if you pay the rather hefty 75 points for the ability) while having the punch to take on anything else on the battlefield.

Yet, the true gem is the ability to have Stormravens.  The primary reason is that they are just simply cool as Hell.  The secondary reason is that they are akin to flying Land Raiders, but with the ability to carry any type of infantry and a dreadnought at the same time as well.  Being a fast skimmer it allows you to turn a normally fairly slow Deathwing army into a speedy strike force -- and without losing any firepower thanks to all the guns the Stormraven can take.

Both of these two are natural additions -- at least in concept -- to a Deathwing while likewise giving you a couple of new "centerpieces" for your army.

More to come...