Monday, September 15, 2014

Tomb Kings on Advanced Order

Posted by Ranillon on 6. April 2011 17:00

GW has posted the new Tomb Kings models coming soon to advanced order


I've always liked the look of the Tomb Kings -- plus skeletons are a snap to paint.  With these new additions a TK force looks all the more cool to paint and field.  Hopefully, the new army book will be equally amazing when it comes to its rules.

Grey Knights on Advanced Order

Posted by Ranillon on 10. March 2011 04:34

Now this is something that truly excites me, particularly because not only are the models cool, but we are getting info as to what is going into the new army design -- such as Stormraven gunships!  Check out these pictures and then be sure to stop by the Advanced Order Page for a closer look.






All of this makes me think that not only will the new Grey Knight army look even better than the old one, but this time is might actually be truly viable as an army (at least when not just fighting chaos).  Can't wait to see the codex -- it's scheduled to be out in early April.

Orks and Goblins Coming...

Posted by Ranillon on 21. February 2011 23:23

Games Workshop has just placed the new Warhammer Orks and Goblins army book on advanced order.  This is a cut above as it a hard bound book.  Add in everything else you'd expect from an army book and this is another must buy for anyone who plays Warhammer.

Stormravens are Coming!

Posted by Ranillon on 19. January 2011 23:40

Okay, this is another bit of coolness -- the Stormraven is available for Advanced Order.  Sure, it may be (to my admittedly prejudiced mind) for the wrong flavor of 'Angel, but this stumpy Thunderhawk is nevertheless too damn nifty to ignore. That, and the fact that by all appearances it's an effective unit.

New Grey Knight Codex in April

Posted by Ranillon on 10. January 2011 18:56

I received a pleasant surprise today in my email -- a link to a Games Workship announcement that a new Grey Knight codex is coming in April!  Among other things the post states:

This April Games Workshop releases Codex: Grey Knights, alongside a comprehensive range of fantastically detailed Citadel miniatures. Although details are being kept firmly under wraps for now, you can expect an exciting selection of plastic kits to enable you to build your own Grey Knights army.

Plastic Grey Knight (and likely more) kits!  I've always liked both the look and idea behind Grey Knights and therefore have been kind of bummed that they've pretty much disappeared.  Doesn't look like I'll need to stay bummed much longer. 

Curiously, the page doesn't even mention the Ordo Malleus so it'll be interesting to see what if anything this new codex means for the Inquisition and all its various orders.  One thing I hope to see is the return of Nemesis Weapons able to one-shot daemons (as otherwise it's kind of silly for these supposedly ultimate anti-chaos pig-stickers to be no more effective than your average power/force weapon).