Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dark Eldar Second Wave

Posted by Ranillon on 19. October 2010 21:20

Sorry for the gap in posting, but life hasn't been particularly kind to me over the last few weeks.  Yet, I'm back now with notice that GW has already put "Second Wave" material for the new Dark Eldar up on Advanced Order.  It includes Hellions, Ravager, Mandrakes, and Urien Rakarth.  Here are the pictures (click to be taken to the appropriate advanced order page):




All of these keep with the previous decision to stay with the same old Dark Eldar look, just done a lot better.  I've already related how I find the choice a bit disappointing, but I can't deny that the new models are nevertheless impressive. I find the new Urien figure especially wicked.  Even if I never play Dark Eldar I am going to have to come up with some excuse -- Warhammer, role-playing, whatever -- to paint him up.

Also up for advanced order is a "new" monster figure case meant for your biggest models -- the example they give is an Ork Stompa.  Frankly, I think buying one $83 case for a single figure that can already be transported by itself fairly easily to be something of a waste of resources, but if you are a gamer who already has "everything".....

Making of Mark of Chaos Trailer

Posted by Ranillon on 9. October 2010 01:58

It came out a few years ago, but the CGI Society has recently reposted an interesting article on the making of the Warhammer:  Mark of Chaos trailer -- which is exceptionally good if you ask me.  If you haven't seen it take a gander below.  Otherwise, be sure to read the article.


Dark Eldar on Advanced Order

Posted by Ranillon on 5. October 2010 12:47

Games Workshop has posted a bunch of the Dark Eldar on Advanced Order -- all with pictures and including the new codex.  Go check it out.

New Dark Eldar Promo Pics!

Posted by Ranillon on 26. September 2010 15:20

Games Workshop was kind enough to post some pictures of the upcoming Dark Eldar this morning.  If you haven't already seen them take a look:







I am of two minds seeing these -- they are clearly just a development on the old style, but done better.  If you already have Dark Eldar that means that your old models suddenly don't all clash with the new ones.  On the other hand it also means that the new ones don't seem to be the "whole new look" that was rumored to be coming. 

I will withhold full judgment before seeing the entire range of new DE, but I have to say I am a tad disappointed with these.  Not that they are so terrible (or bad at all), but I was hoping to be blown away by the redone appearance of the army.

New Plastic High Elves Incoming!

Posted by Ranillon on 8. September 2010 20:30

GW has put up three new plastic High Elf sets for advanced order -- Phoenix Guard, White Lions, and Dragon Princes.  Here are some preview images (click on them to go to the appropriate ordering page):



They are look pretty good, but I especially like the Dragon Princes.  If nothing else they are wonderful fodder for conversions.