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Island of Blood First Impressions

Posted by gbprime on 6. September 2010 22:39

One trip to my local game shop later, Isle of Blood is now in hand.  I fended off my kids as best I could to open it during dinner and started gawking at the minis instantly.  My first impression is that the pics on the web I have seen do not do the set justice.

It's the detail in the miniatures.  I knew I was buying a set where the plastics have limited posing, but the troops are far better than I expected.  The Lothern Sea Guard are quite highly detailed, packed with equipment, and just LOOK like elite troops.  Likewise, the well equipped Ellyrian Reavers actually have 4 different poses, and for 5 models, that's pretty good.  Even the clanrats are exceptional, having just as much detail and SIXTEEN separate poses.

Character-wise, the models are pretty darn good as well.  The Moulder and Warlock Engineer look positively evil and have a lot of detail packed onto their small frames.  And the High Elf Mage... oh my lord the high elf mage.  He comes in 3 peices... back of torso w/ cloak, front of torso, and head/chest/staff.  The result is a dynamic mini with DEPTH to it, rising into the air in the midst of a spell effect (instead of just on top of it as in previous mage versions).

The two army commanders deserve special note.  They too are awesomely detailed, but are oddly infuriating to a modelling and conversion gamer such as myself.  There is only ONE way to assemble them.  The skaven warlord comes in two peices... his front torso and arms w/ weapons, and... the rest of him.  You basically clip on his breastplate and arms.  The only modification possible would be a forearm/weapon swap. 

But even that meager swap is a lot more conversion potential than the griffon rider.  The griffon comes in 7 peices and is a great model, but the rider's lower leg and upper arm on each side of his body are molded to the two halves of the griffon itself, along with bits of cloak and flowing ribbon.  The rider's torso and the other half of his cloak fit in between these halves.  Assemble it any other way, and the prince's arms are floating in the wrong locations.  Yes, you could chop off the arms and flowing cloak, and make a saddle out of greenstuff, but you'd still have to make any substitute rider match up to the lower legs that are molded to the griffon's feathers.  It's a bit disappointing, and I'd rather have seen a rider you peg onto the griffon, or even legs and waist molded to the griffon with a totally separate upper torso, making conversions easier.

Woes about the commander models aside, this set is awesome.  Highly detailed minis and the all-important mini rulebook make this a set worth owning.  Even if you trade away the minis (I'm trading Ranillon rats and receiving his elves), the value of the tradebait that comes with the rulebook is well worth it.  (The Ebay buy-it-now for the Elf Griffon Rider is currently varying between 15 to 21 bucks.)

And for gamers like me, whose small kids nick his range sticks and blast templates... bonus.  =)






Island of Blood is Out!

Posted by Ranillon on 5. September 2010 22:13

As most of you probably already know the new Warhammer Basic box -- then not particularly original sounding "Island of Blood" -- set is out.  Unfortunately, I will not be getting my copy until Wednesday, but I've seen the models for real and they are quite nice.  You also get a whole bunch of them which will make the set a good value even with its substantially greater cost over the old box.  The only other problem I have with it is that I don't play either rats or high elves.  Oh well, always nice to have a good excuse to get into yet another army!

For those who may not have seen the box or are still deciding whether or not to buy it I will post extensive pictures later this week once I get my hands on the set.

Been Playing StarCraft 2...

Posted by Ranillon on 28. July 2010 22:09

...And it is hard not to notice the familiarity to a certain game we talk about here a whole heck of a lot.  Take a look at the great opening cinematic...

Just give the guy a british accent...

I am not really making a criticism.  "Space Marines" and Tyranid-ish bad guys like the Zerg are pretty much staples of the Sci-fi genre nowadays.  Besides, it's a great game.

It also shows what you can do with graphics, even the "lessexpensivethanAvatar" sort seen here.  I love the fact that the game has great storytelling to go along with the equally superior game play.  And, it's only the first installment of a "trilogy" that Blizzard has planned.

It's definitely enough to keep me least until the next installment of Dawn of War comes out.


Warhammer Update and Island of Blood (with Elves and Rats)!

Posted by Ranillon on 23. July 2010 15:16

The new Warhammer has been out barely a few weeks and already Games Workshop is offering an Update for the new book.  They've also updated every FAQ for every army.  Nice to see them being proactive.

They have also provided a page on the new Warhammer basic set:

The art looks a bit tacty if you ask me and the name for the new set is hardly original, but the box clearly includes a huge amount of material -- and the new small rulebook.  The rumored price is upwards of $90, but that's not too bad for as much as you get, IMHO.

Yet More Demons Coming!

Posted by Ranillon on 21. July 2010 19:20

Man, these malevolent denizen's of the warp are breeding like infernal rabbits!  Coming soon to an invested gaming store near you are Bloodcrushers -- in plastic! -- and the two-headed Fateweaver.


Personally, since I've been threatening to finish my Knorne 40K Demon Army the plastic bloodcrushers are especially tempting -- even if they are still an equally impressive $53.75!