Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Coming Attractions

Posted by Ranillon on 19. July 2010 01:21

As a new week starts I just wanted to give everyone a preview of what they can expect this week here at 40KOrigins.com:

 1)  Complete, detailed results for the Origins RTT -- Right now I am going through the data to make sure it is all correct

2)  First Impressions of the New Warhammer -- Just got my copy on Friday and have been reading through when I can.  Definietely some interesting effects for my Empire army -- spears are better, greatswords are worse.  More details to come.

3)  The English Civil War Does Empire -- Being a trained historian I've always wanted to do an ECW army and for similar reasons a Fantasy Empire army.  Well, it's occurred to me that as either force is based on much the same technology and the same dress style I can do both at the same time!  So, this will be the first installment of a new ongoing series as I put together and paint up some Warlord figures to produce both an English Civil War historical force and Warhammer Empire force at the same time.

Quickshade Test

Posted by gbprime on 15. July 2010 10:13

A few months back, I acquired a can of Quickshade (product link here).  The store owner was raving about how good a product it was and how much better it was than poly stain for dipping miniatures.  I'd done a dipped army before and was comfortable with it's use, so I dropped 30 bucks on a can and decided to give it a try.

A squad of my marines volunteered.  I had painted these guys up in 1999 for the Chicago GT, and they were an all-drybrush job, so they seemed like good candidates to try a varnish wash treatment on.  Here they are before the treatment.


Using the medium strength color, I brushed the entire miniature and dabbed off the excess.  I let the varnish dry for 36 hours and then sprayed the minis with dullcoat to remove the gloss effect of the varnish.  The result was a noticable yet subtle shade-and-ink of the miniatures.  It doesn't subtract from the look of the miniatures and darkens the colors only slightly, but it does fill in the joints nicely, giving them the depth they were missing in my haste to get them done for the GT years ago.

The Quickshade product is indeed superior to poly stain varnishes.  It is quite brushable (unlike the poly stain), does not bubble, flows like an ink, and is thick enough to stick in all the places it needs to go in a single coat. 

Unlike an ink, however, the quickshade requires a dullcoat afterward if any additional work is to be done to the miniature.  that breaks up the paint surface and makes blending look funny.  the quickshade also sticks to flat surfaces unlike inks, resulting in certain surfaces having a pool of darkness that really needs to be retouched.  (only because of the dullcoat requirement, that's kind of difficult)  The 30 dollar price tag is a bit of a bummer too.

In summation, Quickshade is a great product to do an entire army quickly and have a force that looks great from 3 feet away.  It's up close you'll notice the shortcomings of the shortcut, so you won't be winning any painting awards by relying on this product.  For that, stick to regular inks.

New Daemons on Advanced Order

Posted by Ranillon on 13. July 2010 16:06

Games Workshop just put up some new (mostly plastic) Daemons on Advanced Order.  You can see some pictures of them below (clicking on the image takes you to the appropriate GW order page):

Daemon Prince


Pink Horrors




The Changling

New Warhammer on Advanced Order

Posted by Ranillon on 15. June 2010 09:23

It's coming -- you can now advanced order the new Warhammer rulebook at a cool $75 (ouch!).

Always cool to see a new edition, but the cost is more than a bit steep.  Prices like these do nothing to discourage naysayers who are already accusing GW of taking its players for granted.  <sigh>

There are also other editions and some other related material (including some nifty looking new fantasy templates) to be found on the general advanced order page.

Spearhead is Coming!

Posted by Ranillon on 28. May 2010 16:27

Apparently, even the biggest White Dwarf haters will have a reason to buy the up coming WD -- Spearhead!  To wit from the latest GW email:

"Also inside June's issue of White Dwarf are the full rules for Spearhead, a brand-new Warhammer 40,000 Expansion. Spearhead allows you to fight huge tank battles using whole squadrons of tanks and thunderous amounts of artillery support. In games of Spearhead you'll be able to field elite tank formations and waves of armoured vehicles. Each Spearhead formation has its own set of special rules making it even more deadly. This, combined with the new missions (also included in White Dwarf), allows for a whole range of new tactical possibilities and challenges for you to master. Spearhead is a completely new Expansion for Warhammer 40,000 and is completely free with June's issue of White Dwarf."