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Posted by Ranillon on 28. September 2008 22:27

No, this blog isn't about the origins of 40K, but rather about organizing and participating in events at the 2009 (and beyond) Origins Game Fair.  It takes place in Columbus, Ohio on June 24-28.  Origins is one of the largest gaming conventions around, especially so for miniature gaming.  However, 40k events (and Warhammer events as well for that matter) have hardly been seen these last few years.  So, we want to change that.  Expect to see news reports, comments, general 40k subject posts, and (ahem) pleading for aid from the blog.  Origins is a ready made venue for 40k games so it's about time it actually had some!

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  • Ron Saikowski

    Ron Saikowski said,

    And I thought it was about the origins of 40k, silly me...

    Nice work here, I'm looking forward to seeing more stuff even if the site is just about the Origins Game Fair. And if I thought I could get up that way to participate, boy would I.