Monday, September 01, 2014

Shadowvast in Da House!!

Posted by Shadowvast on 21. September 2009 15:25

Hi everyone. I just wanted to poke my head in here to let you all know the following....

  • I am holding a small 40k tournament at the Armoury in Pickerington on Nov. 7th. 3 rounds, 2 hours each.
  • 1500 point armies, WSYWIG models only, and only the current codex. No imperial armour or other non codex units allowed.
  • Please bring a clearly legible printed copy of your list with you.
  • We start rolling dice at noon, so please arrive well before that to get checked in and get your list approved.
  • I like to stay on or ahead of schedule, , so I WILL stop you rolling dice in the middle of a combat if I call time and you are still going. I do give warning at the half hour, 15 minute, and 5 minute marks though.
  • $10 entry to help cover prize support, and I give awards to the winner and best sportsman!!  There are only 12 spots open, and they will go quickly, so call the store at 614-833-1331 to get paid up and registered in advance!   

I hope to see you there!