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Review of White Dwarf 357

Posted by Ranillon on 29. September 2009 22:17

The long suffering Space Wolf players can finally rejoice (and we Dark Angel players feel envy) – the new codex is here!  No more using an old book from the dark ages, but something using the newest edition of 40K.

New Releases this month:  Codex Space Wolves; Space Wolves Pack (you can make Grey Hunters, Blood Claws, and power-armored Wolf Guard); Wolf Guard Terminators; Space Wolf Battleforce; Canis Wolfborn; Njal Stormcaller; Lukas the Trickster; the Mega-Paint set, and; a whole horde of Lord of the Rings models (Golden King of Harad, Harad Commanders, Abrakhan Guard, Easterling Commanders, Black Guard Commanders, Black Guard, Kardush the Firecaller, Knight of Umbar, and the Betrayer – whew!).

Pages 16-27 – Design Notes for the new Space Wolf Codex:  Just what you would expect, the designer of the new codex gives his thoughts on the new book.  Mostly, he describes the changes to the codex from the old version.  He also demonstrates that the fluff hasn’t really changed, but there are extra details now that improve the ‘Wolves story.  There are also plenty of great pictures of the new models that should inspire any old or new Space Wolf player.  An example army design is included complete with point totals while on the next two pages is a short guide on how to paint ‘Wolves.

Pages 32-35 – Legions of the Eye:  This is an overview of the new Lord of the Rings models, all of them minions of Sauron.  I have to admit that the models are quite nice.  Too bad you can’t really use them for Warhammer or 40K (not without risking having them denied use in a tournament, at least).

Pages 36-45 – Blood and Sand, Campaigns in the South for LotR:  This is an extensive discussion (with pictures) of running scenarios and campaigns using Easterlings, Haradrim, and similar forces.  The last two pages are a showcase of various armies that the Studio guys run.

Pages 46-51 – Mighty Heroes, Mighty Deeds:  This article is really just a somewhat self-evident discussion of using special characters in Warhammer.  Yes, certain characters just beg to be used with certain types of armies.  We knew that.

Pages 53-71 – The Wrath of the Stormcaller:  This is this month’s big battle report with 2000 points of Space Wolves (duh) going up against a similar amount of Chaos Daemons.  This particular scenario adds the wrinkle of allowing the Daemon player (Alessio Cavatore) to field four major demons.  Otherwise, beyond killing things the aim is to grab the majority of three objectives.  As usual the report includes plenty of pictures.  The two armies are almost all infantry, with only a Soul Grinder and SW dreadnought as exceptions to the rule.  Beyond this you get exactly what you expect, a rundown of the battle blow-by-blow.

Page 73 – Hobby Essentials:  This is a single page on how to model snow (appropriate since you don’t usually associate Space Wolves with tropical beaches).

Page 76-77 – Standard Bearer:  This month Jervis talks about the fun to be had at group painting nights.  This includes how they are handy at helping you “assembly line” a large army while bonding with your gaming friends.  It’s not like there is nothing to debate here, but likewise Jervis is kind of preaching to the choir.  Only a novice to the game is likely to have not heard of group painting nights.

Pages 78-85 – Super-Interchangeable Space Wolves:  Besides sounding like the name of a Japanese anime series, this article is meant to inspire you with all the various ways you can put together the new SW kits to create unique troopers.  This includes showing the entire contents of the new Wolf Pack box, numerous examples of constructed/converted marines, and on the last two pages some pictures of ‘Wolf vehicles.  I certainly think this is a great article if you are getting into Space Wolves for the first time, but can also be helpful just to stir the creative juices when it comes to modeling troopers with some pizzazz to them.

Pages 86-87 – Citadel Hall of Fame:  This month Dave Thomas talks about some classic Bretonnian models he’s painted and still uses in his own army.  Nice to see the Brets getting a little love.

Pages 88-95 – Painting Masterclass:  Maybe the most useful article this month, here is a step-by-step guide for painting up Wolf Guard.  The specific examples may relate to Wolves, but they can easily be translated to any other model that might interest you.  After all, a face is a face is a face regardless if it is a Space Wolf Blood Claw or Empire halberdier.

Pages 96-103 – Master Modelers:  This is a few pages of examples of how to use GW terrain kits, some regular around-the-house junk, and cleverness to create some truly great scenery.  I especially like the example of the deluxe Skyshield landing pad – it uses only GW kits to great effect.  It’s the sort of finished product anyone could create with sufficient dedication.

The rest of the issue (and any pages I did not specifically list) are the usual GW ads and event listings.  I won’t tell you what the last page teaser is for, but it’s something that Indiana Jones’ father really, really wouldn’t like.