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Possible New Scenario for Origins RTT

Posted by Ranillon on 24. March 2010 21:55

We here at 40KOrigins labs are always hard at work planning for the upcoming Origins convention.  This includes designing possible scenarios for the games.

Here is a basic design for a 40K tournament scenario I call "Battlefield Courier."  Tell me what you think.


Starting Locations:  Opposite diagonal sections.  No unit may start within 6" of the middle point or 12" within an enemy unit (the first should generally make the second work).

Special Mission Rules:  None (Therefore no reserves or Deep Striking as scenario options)

Objective:  Each side has an important package -- battlefield intelligence, ancient technology, etc -- that needs to be transported to headquarters as soon as possible.  As it happens both of the detachments on either side carrying this objective have run into each other in a section of no-man's-land.  Both sides are tasked with:  A)  Carrying their objective across the battlefield and exiting with 12" of their enemy's starting corner; transporting as many units as they can along with the package off the board, and; capturing the package of the other side and taking it with you.

The objective can only be carried by infantry -- or a Troops choice if you have none. Either way it cannot be carried by a unit that infiltrated at the start of the game. The infantry can be in a transport, but the nature of the package is such that it takes an entire round to load it so you cannot enter a transport and move (or vice versa) in the same round.  Likewise, the enemy can detect where the item is at all times.

If the unit carrying the objective is destroyed, its transport destroyed, or is forced to retreat it drops the package automatically.  It can be picked up by any infantry unit outside a transport as a free action -- meaning that the unit can otherwise move as normal (save for the transport limitation above).  You pick it up during your movement phase and can pick up the objective as long as no one else has it -- even if an enemy is right there within 1".  When dropped it is placed at the feet of the unit that just died or is retreating.

Victory Conditions:  Uses victory points with the following additions -- Exiting the map with your objective and/or the enemy's gains you 250 victory points each.  Any of your units that succeeds on exiting the board from within 12" of the opposite corner counts as half its victory points for you.

Scenario Points (These count toward your final tournament score):

Difference between Winner and Loser:

> 1851 = Crushing Victory -- 20/0 points
1850 - 1251 =  Major Victory -- 15/5 points
1250 - 626 = Minor Victory -- 12/8 points
< 650 = Draw -- 10/10 points

Scenario Bonuses:

+1 Have Exited Board with Enemy's Objective or have it in your possession at the end of the game
+1 Your most expensive unit survived the game in any condition short of destroyed
-1 You managed to not exit with any units or even have any in your enemy's starting quarter at the end of the game

Comments (4) -

  • Mike

    Mike said,

    I don't think it's a good idea.  

    (1) Reserves are not 'special mission rules'.  They are a basic game rule.  You can't restrict them as part of 'special mission rules'.  I understand your intent--reserves breaks your mission.  Hint: That probably means it's not a good mission.  Plus...drop pods? Chaos Daemons? Swooping Hawks?

    (2) The scenario is 100% biased towards mechanized armies.  If I play a infantry guard army without transports, I have no chance of winning this game.  Necrons? Sorry.  Marines in drop pods? Nope.  However, if I'm mech eldar? With star engines?  Auto win.  Dark Eldar? Win.  Guard with Valkyries? Win.  

    I would just take a guard army with star engines and auto-win this scenario, if you ran it.

  • Joe

    Joe said,

    I guess you're trying to hand an easy win to armies with fast skimmers?  And punish people who field big, slow-moving hordes?  

    If my Space Marine army is an all-drop-pod force, how do I deploy?  Do the pods start on the board?

  • Ranillon

    Ranillon said,

    Let me clarify some things:

    1)  The scenario rules don't allow reserves as a SCENARIO option.  It does not change the ability to use reserves when it is an intrinsic part of the unit, like in the case of Drop Pods.  Specialized codex rules like that trump generic scenario options.

    So, all it means is that you cannot place a unit in reserves without it otherwise having its own rule that allows you to do so.

    2)  The scenario would give fast armies a bit of an advantage, but that is actually on purpose.  You want to encourage people not to use lopsided "tricked-out" armies that rely on just one tactic -- but not make it impossible for them to win either.  In this case "castle" armies designed to just sit back and shoot will be at a disadvantage.  Another of the scenarios would do the reverse.

    3)  The scoring is designed to encourage people to shoot it out.  A fast army could theoretically just zoom off the other end, but if it did so it would only get at best a draw as the other army could then spend the rest of the scenario moving off the opposite end no matter how slow.  

    To put it another way, you get the most points by killing stuff, not by moving off the board.  If you play a slow army your task would be to cover the exit zones of your quarter as best as possible and destroy any enemy that comes close.

    4)  Almost any scenario beyond "get 'em" will have some "bias" against one sort or another force.  The aim here is to control such things.  So, this scenario would be paired with one that would favor slower armies.  In this way both types face difficulties -- AND do so in equal amounts.

  • gbprime

    gbprime said,

    Righto.  We're aiming for a variety of missions this year.  While we won't publish the others ahead of time, we're making sure that some missions favor one sort of army while another mission favors something entirely different.

    The result is that certain armies will have an easier time with one game while a tougher time with another, and well balanced armies will be sitting pretty the whole time.

    Let's face it... Wild Rider hosts, Tank Companies, and Drop Pod armies are excellent at what they do, but they have shortcomings.  And in a tournament, an army with a shortcoming may find itself ill suited to a particular mission.