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The last two 40k RTT missions

Posted by Shadowvast on 6. March 2011 11:25

Hello again everyone. These are the last two missions for the RTT at Origins 2011. Take a few weeks to play them out and give them a shot. I will post a poll in the coming weeks that will be up for 30 days. The three missions with thte highest numbers of votes will be the missions we play at the RTT.



Mission 5.Origins.doc (15.69 kb)



Mission 2.Origins.doc (15.05 kb)


Give us some feedback. None of this is set in stone, and we can always make tweaks to the missions up until I load the poll. Please keep in mind that all of these missions have been playtested at area stores already, so they work out well from what we have seen thus far. If you spot problems PLEASE let us know!

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  • Matt Wendling

    Matt Wendling said,

    Does the Ambush mission allow reserves?  If not, how do you handle drop pods?

  • Matt Wendling

    Matt Wendling said,

    For the Ambush mission, when the table is divided into thirds, is it divided lengthwise or across the width?