Friday, August 29, 2014

Grey Knights on Advanced Order

Posted by Ranillon on 10. March 2011 04:34

Now this is something that truly excites me, particularly because not only are the models cool, but we are getting info as to what is going into the new army design -- such as Stormraven gunships!  Check out these pictures and then be sure to stop by the Advanced Order Page for a closer look.






All of this makes me think that not only will the new Grey Knight army look even better than the old one, but this time is might actually be truly viable as an army (at least when not just fighting chaos).  Can't wait to see the codex -- it's scheduled to be out in early April.

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  • SacSoul

    SacSoul said,

    meh... the Dreadknight looks silly. Proportions are a bit wacky (especially the hammer) and all I can think about is Ripley in Aliens (though that admittedly looked much better than the dreadknight).

  • gbprime

    gbprime said,

    Personally, i like it.  it looks superhuman... something the dreadnought lacks.  i'd love to say it's conversion bait for other armies... but $54 for the kit...  ouch.