Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What to expect from the "Rogue GT", and what a player needs to provide

Posted by Shadowvast on 9. June 2011 07:44

Each and every tournament is a little different from all the others. Each TO(Tournament Organizer/Official) has his or her way of doing things. We all know how even the smallest of surprises on tournament day can ruin your plans for evil domination of your opponents. In the interest of trying to avoid this as much as possible, here are a few more details our players.

    What to Bring on game day: (this should be common sense)

Rulebook, tape measure, dice, 5 copies of your army list, your codex, and your army (duh). If you want to get fancy bring a display board to help tote that army around all day.

    Judging percentages, scores and table placement:

I will do a 100% random placement for the first round, then placing tables by score. If wind up playing your friend you came in with, let me know and I will ATTEMPT to switch opponents with the next lower table.

We are scoring based on categories, AND an over all, so there are winners for paint, sportsmanship, and battle score, and overall. Please keep in mind that you cannot win more than one category, and only the overall award uses score overlap from the other categories. This means that you could bring an unpainted army and win the best general or best sportsman, but not best painted, and your overall score for the over all award would be hurt by no painting. If you want to focus on one award to the exclusion of the others, have at it, this will not hurt you unless you are going for the over-all award. The tickets to the 2012 Throne of Skulls tournament in Memphis will be awarded to the first and second place battle score winners.

     What to expect:

I like to keep on schedule and get ahead if I can. Due to the venue size it will be hard for me to make announcements, so I will try to do a short meeting between each round to keep people up to date and get the table assignments out. Please plan on arriving around 8am as we will need to go through army lists quickly and get you registered. Once round one is over, set up your army and clearly mark it with your name. We will judge the army painting scores quickly so that you can have an hour (or close to it) for lunch.  We will have at least one judge in the tournament area at all times. If you are comfortable with leaving your army out during the break, let a judge know it is there so we can watch it for you. Round two will start promptly. If you are late to return you are losing time on your round.


Well, me...Shadowvast. I will have at least two helpers who will wander the floor during the tournament, and likely one other to help with data entry and table assignemnt. I would like for everyone to try to go with what they know and work out the details themselves, but we will be around for you to ask for clarification if needed. Again, any large rules clarifications on grey areas will be addressed between rounds for everyone else to be clear on.


This is a GW sanctioned and sponsored event. As such we are using all GW tournament rules....models must be 75% GW product, no Imperial armour units allowed, but you CAN use Forge World models to represent codex units that they were designed for. (IG Hydra tanks for example) All models MUST be WYSIWYG and conversions or "counts as" models must be cleared ahead of time with the If you have questions contact me at, and I will do my best to answer them quickly.


The pairs tournament we are holding will be held to the same rules I have listed here, and prizes there will be best Battle record, sports and paint. All of these will be judged on a team level. 

All in all we have put a lot of work into bringing you what we hope will be one of the best tournaments of the summer for you. We hope to see you there!!