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Games Workshop Store Coming to Columbus Ohio

Posted by GBPrime on 19. March 2012 12:41

It's official, folks.  GW is kitting out a local store for us in Columbus with an opening date of "April or May" according to their Facebook page.  (look up Games Workshop Capella Center II)

The store is located at 8653 Sancus Blvd, just off Polaris parkway, in the strip mall behind the Tilted Kilt pub.  It also happens to be a mere 1000 feet from my desk at work, so this represents as present a threat to my budget as does the Starbucks in my building.  Money mouth

 As you can see, they still have a bit of work left to do, but there IS a GW banner on the door.  Dimension-wise, the retail space is approximately 18 feet by 75 feet, giving a total footprint of 1350 square feet.  Note the interior wall that cuts the store in half.  I talked to the construction crew and they said they have instructions to finish the space with the interior wall intact.  That means the store will be roughly bisected, with 600+ square feet of product space in front and 600+ square feet of space in back for office, stock, and (it is hoped) some tables.

It's mighty small for a gaming store, but it's in a prime location on Columbus far north end.  (On the other hand, there have been two other game stores within one block of the new store in the past 8 years, and neither lasted more than 6 months.)  Other established Columbus stores have far more space available for gaming and are not nearby (Ravenstone 6 miles, Soldiery 10 miles, Guard Tower 20 miles, Game Table Adventures 35 miles).  Time will tell what the impact of the new store is on our favorite places to play, but for now this is good news for central Ohio gamers!

Watch this space for construction updates as the store opening approaches.

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  • ChicagoTerrainFactory

    ChicagoTerrainFactory said,

    I've never known GW to put gaming tables in back.  Chances are 1 man is going to run this store - no way they will let gamers get in back with the stock.  Sorry to say, the store will be lucky to have 1 6x4 table.  Probably just a pair of 2x2 demo boards.

  • Madclaw

    Madclaw said,

    This store is a "recruitment" type facility; four tables, one each dedicated to Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40,000 and Lord of the Rings, and an open gaming table. I'm sure it'll be very similar to the Hyde Park store.