Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Valentines Day Updates

Posted by dhousema on 14. February 2014 16:53

In the realm of 40K and Warhammer the rumors abound. A new version of the Main 40K rule book in May - 6 weeks or so before Origins, New armies and codexes, new this and that and gloom and doom. Cheese lists from the Las Vegas open and a set of FAQs and restrictions from Adepticon.

In short business as usual.

The team at 40KOrigins wants people to have fun, so we will be releasing scenarios, any FAQs and other materials we will be using well in advance of Origins. We are working on a supplemental input of games for Origins and on our submissions to GenCon, where we will again have a small presence. 

We have added to our team this year, welcoming 2 new members, both of whom you should be familiar with. It is nice to have an expanding crew – to spread the load across more people. Saturday will be extremely busy with both the 40K Tournament and the Apocalypse game running in addition to our regularly scheduled games, so extra hands are appreciated.

We have the new boards moving along, and new armies being assembled and painted for the various games.

We look forward to seeing you in June ready to rumble.

In the mean time, Happy Valentines Day from the team here at 40KOrigins.

Meeting at the Forge - Play the Triumph & Treachery game update

Posted by dhousema on 17. December 2013 16:19

The program book entry was setup for up to 6 players. If we have 5 or fewer we will play on 1 board, if we have 6 or more we will play on 2 almost identical boards. We are hoping for 6 or 8 because 3 or 4 player games seem to go faster than 5 player games. Please bring your army, your dice and a copy of the rules and cards if you have them (don't worry if you don't have the rules or cards).

Looking forward to seeing you in the game. 

Apoc Scenery Coming Together

Posted by dhousema on 17. December 2013 16:13

As I sit in my home office and look out into the hallway, I see 4 - 6 foot long by 4 inch thick blocks of foam. These form the base for the Apoc board for Origins - 24 feet of scenary that will provide some variation in the terrain without making it too hard to fill the whole table with miniatures. I am not going to go into detail right now on what they look like or how they are being carved, but I can promise you that there will be plenty of space to bring titans, superheavies and other large models into the game. 

Right now we have roughly 20,000 points of Orks and 18,000 points of Nids, as well as close to 10,000 points of Tau comitted to the game, and we are still months away from Origins. I hope we get 2 to 400,000 points total on the board for Saturday. This should be the largest ever Apoc game at Origins. 

As it stands all the rules and models that GW and Forgeworld have released are in play. If there is any change we will let people know by the 15th of May. 

Underground Lasers Kickstarter Arrived!

Posted by dhousema on 22. November 2013 10:28

We now have 2 shelves of assembled Underground Laser's Terrain. The detail of the items is wonderful, the laser cuts were precise and very well done. The only problem might be that many of the small parts had to be pushed out of the boards - that is how tight the laser cuts were. No knives needed, no damage. 

One of the cool things about the sheets, is that UGL filled the whole sheet, when there was any space left another ammo box was added to the sheet. So as a result we have over 100 ammo boxes that can create stacks in an ammo dump or be used with our famous barrels - to create objectives. 

I am impressed with the Underground Laser's items, but in quality and price. Like Warsenal (The yellow containers used in the tournaments last year), Underground Lasers has well designed materials and delivers on time. We will post some pictures once we get some paint on them. 

With the other scenery under construction, we should be able to support a 64 player tournament at Origins in 2014. 

So grab your friends and convince them to come play! All of our events submitted to date have been accepted - so we will have a full slate of events. 

Played my first game of Ogre 6th Edition

Posted by dhousema on 10. November 2013 20:50

When I saw the Kickstarter for Ogre almost 2 years ago (or so it seems) from Steve Jackson games, I could not resist. On the bulkhead of my stateroom aboard ship for 3 years was a set of Ogre maps and counters held in place my magnets (bulkheads = metal walls for those of you who have never been on a naval vessel). I played not only with people on the ship, but by mail with a couple of friends who sent me weekly letters with moves in them. Sometimes our moves would cross in the mail, and be weeks out of date. 

The cool little pocket game that Steve invented was one of my all time favorite games, because it could travel anywhere with me. Little did I know that 6th Edition would be a favorite game for very different reasons. About 2 weeks ago I got notice from FedEx that my Ogre boxes were on the way, all 50.2 pounds of them - about 50 pounds more than my ziplocked Ogre first edition. 

Oh, I had seen the game at Origins and again at GenCon, I knew it was huge, but not 6 hours of punching and sorting counters huge. The tote bag will hold the game or 200 cans of green beans. It is totally too big for words, my favorite picture is of a 5 or 6 month old baby laying in the box top and not touching any of the walls of the top. 

Enough about huge, lets talk about fun. The game has all of qualities I remember, speed, destruction, laughter, and awe. I played with my boys who are learning the game for the first time. Wow, talk about fun. Nothing other than the ability to put it in a pocket has been lost. 

So to bring the fun to everyone at Origins, we will be doing a one time game, on Wednesday, it starts as soon as we are mostly setup in the Miniatures room and runs until we are done with other games we are running. We will not repeat it and the game will not be on site for the rest of the weekend, you have have to get your Ogre fix from Steve Jackson directly. 

So what is different about our game? Well to begin with we will lay down every map - including the tournament maps. We will have all the Ogres from all the special counter sheets in hand, as well as anything else we can find. The goal of the game is to be large and fun. Walk up, drop a generic and play - no questions asked. We will have someone on hand who can help you with the rules, and help you get setup. Had, enough, the next person to arrive gets your unit and off you go. 

We want this to be fun and casual. We hope you will join us for some fun and games to kick off Origins with. Even in you don't play come on by and see the game, the new miniatures tables, and the new Apoc setup. Just look for our Red Carts!